Posted by: mrtweeds | April 26, 2010

here’s to the first of the season!

yesterday the magowans were kind enough to invite us over to their house for a delicious grilled dinner. not only did we have a chance to hang out with other adults, the kids loved the opportunity to play together.

i am bound and determined to have more get-togethers this summer. after all, we have close friends that live minutes from us, so what’s our excuse? (laziness. that’s our excuse. but it’s not a good one, that’s my point.)

anyhoo, as i said, the kids had a blast. while the guys watched the game, sam was admired by all, of course.

and bug began prepping him for growing into a big boy.

“someday, little grasshopper, you too will be able to destroy all in your path…”

miss olive clearly enjoyed playing hostess. she gladly kept everyone informed of how the puzzle constructing was going, what princess she would dress up as, and, of course, kept the party running smoothly. emphasis on running.

and scout enjoyed instructing miss o just how much fun terrorizing your parents when you get to be a big kid is.

“no, seriously, if you pretend you don’t hear them (even though you really do) when they tell you to do something…that drives them nuts. it’s awesome!”

despite the forecast for rain, not a drop was in sight, so we were even able to play outside for a bit!

lots of photos were taken (obviously),

stumps were danced upon,

and flowers were picked.

overall, it was a wonderful visit…and that’s not even including the awesome grillin’, salads, gin and tonics, and general relaxation for the adults! so thanks, magowans, and next time it’s our turn to host!

*layer courtesy of DLSDesigns, via flickr


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