Posted by: mrtweeds | May 7, 2010

when grandmas attack!

okay, that title is completely misleading, but i couldn’t resist. sorry, mom, but this is what happens when your favorite (only) daughter has a blog and needs to document all the things in her life!

so yesterday finn and i went to my parents for lunch. and my mother innocently commented that finn’s hair was looking long. and, well, one thing led to another and (with my blessing, it needs to be pointed out) my mom bravely declared that SHE would give him a hair cut.

aaaaand it didn’t go so well.

let’s just say the term “wiggly” has a new definition. and it’s pretty hard to cut a 3 year old’s hair when he’s refusing to sit still.

trust me on this.

BUT the good news is we were all saved (and bug’s reputation as a looker restored) by a quick trip to a local hair salon (or “hair house”, as we sold it to finn) and he not only held perfectly still, but declared that he “LOVED” it.

i’m not sure who was happier after it was all over, my mother or finn with his lollipop.

i’m thinking my mother.



  1. Let me correct the record by pointing out in my defense that it was the MOTHER who said “Maybe Abba could cut your hair.” (Just need to be clear on that.) And yes, I actually prayed we’d find someone who could fix it before naptime, so I would say I was definitely most relieved, and Bug is definitely one handsome guy with his new look.

  2. oh, let there be no mistake: there was a bus, and i totally threw you under it!

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