Posted by: mrtweeds | May 12, 2010

one down…

this month has been somewhat taken over by babies. or baby showers, at least. i’m involved in throwing 2 showers in two weeks, and saturday i knocked the first one off the list by helping to throw my sister in-law a shower for her soon to be little girl and my soon to be niece and goddaughter. (that sounds funny to say.)

because of the travel (the shower was in massachusetts and i’m in new york) and relatively short planning time (we only really nailed down the details a little less than a month ago) it was a pretty simple party, but i think it was a hit.

there were a lot of people eating a lot of food,

playing a lot of games,

and oohing and aaahing over a lot of very sweet, very tiny pink clothing.

that pretty much equals success in the baby shower world, no matter how you cut it.

and i a confession to make here:  i’ve never understood the urge people have to take photographs of cakes, but i usually cave to peer pressure and do the same. and never look at the photograph again.but in this case? in this case? i’m so glad i have a photograph of this cake, because it was the best. cake. ever.

it was something called a “champagne cake”, which my other sister-in-law, jen, had kindly gotten. and oh my lord. all i can say is this: custard between layers.

so. freaking. good.

i’ve officially been ruined when it comes to cakes.

so now that the food has been eaten, the presents have been opened, and that baby girl has plenty of stuff to welcome her into the world, all we have to do is wait…but hopefully not too long!


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