Posted by: mrtweeds | June 21, 2010

these are the days

our little town has a festival every year called “whipple city days”. why? well, if you’re from our little town you’d know it was once called whipple city. and now we have…days…to celebrate…the…whipple-ness…of…our…city…?


anyway, there’s a little carnival, a parade, and some other stuff.

you know, in the interest of honoring our heritage.

or whatever.

but my point is (yes, i have one), it was this weekend, and even though i was working and missed the parade, there was still a lot of fun to be had.

of course there were overpriced hot dogs (and free balloon swords),

over priced ice cream cones,

alpacas, which, moments after this photo was taken, tried their best to kick bug in the head (they missed),

reindeer which were much better behaved (and a bit more tolerant),

and, of course, the dunking booth, which featured assemblyman and town resident tony jordan.

let me tell you, he’s pretty lucky bug isn’t a couple inches taller, because otherwise he would have been DUNKED.

all in all, though, it was a great way to spend a saturday, topped off by a visit to the annual library book sale, where we all made off with a huge amount of books (some of which are pictured here).

ah, whipple city, you sure are a grand old town to celebrate, so we’ll plan on seeing you again next year, okay?




  1. I totally took pics of our books, too. I have The Historian! Want to read it! Awesome score!

  2. i wanted to get a pic of the ridiculous pile of all of them, but the kids totally squirreled theirs away before i could. i’m excited about the historian-i’ve almost bought it a bunch of times, so getting it for a buck was a sweet score! we’ll have to compare notes when we both get it read!

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