Posted by: mrtweeds | June 28, 2010

the last day

remember this? yeah. it seems like yesterday. but we’ve blinked, and suddenly miss scout is no longer a kindergartner.

she will no longer dance in the drive way while waiting for the bus to go to kindergarten.

bug will no longer stand in the front door, waving her off on her way to mrs. lyons’ classroom for the day.

and daddy will no longer walk her across the street, laughing when she bolts back from the bus steps because she forgot to kiss him on the cheek before she gets on.

but on the upside, i feel pretty confident that she will not be easily forgotten by everyone at school who met and helped her this year, even after the homemade jam and treats given as gifts disappear.

yup, it’s been a pretty amazing year, and i can’t wait to see what first grade brings!



  1. Hooray for a 10 week break from bus watching. Also, I think you should embed “If I Could Turn Back Time” into this post.

  2. this post made me cry. could be the hormones too.

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