Posted by: mrtweeds | July 6, 2010

going old school

this past week seemed to have the theme of revisiting some of my childhood haunts…including hathaway’s drive in, which is still one of the best drive ins around, if you ask me!

we surprised the kids by taking them after scout’s vacation bible school closing ceremony-we figured they were up this late anyway (it ended at 8, and usually they’re in bed by 630) so why not? it was the perfect summer evening, and they were more than a little excited by the mystery adventure.

despite the late bedtime, they were totally enthralled by the movie-toy story 3. would woody save his friends? would buzz return to his former personality? and what would happen when andy finally headed off to college?!?

these, my friends, were the pressing issues of the night.

that being said, i have to admit that the grown ups in the car enjoyed it as much as the kids.

and, finally, peace and order restored in the toy world, we spread out sleeping bags and pillows for the little ones to camp out for the second feature,  just like i remember doing during “indiana jones and the temple of doom” when i was a kid.

yup. being a grown up has its perks, but darn it if i didn’t wish that that little set up had room enough for one more….

*layer courtesy of oceanT, via flickr

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