Posted by: mrtweeds | July 14, 2010

saying goodbye

we lost our dog of 7 1/2 years yesterday. despite receiving a clean bill of health from the vet just three weeks ago, he died from what appears to be a tumor or cancer of some sort yesterday morning. while it was pretty sudden, we’re thankful that it was quick. and now we’re working on saying goodbye and getting used to the (large) space that is left in our house and in our lives without the tig dog clicking around after us.

we adopted him when he was just a wee thing, a couple months old, and we had no idea that he’d grow to be a 110 lb (+) beastie. mutts are interesting like that. he grew into a giant dog who really never figured out that he wasn’t a cat-or at least a bit bigger than one. that’s what happens when you grow up in  a house outnumbered 3-1 and start out by being the little guy, i guess.

he was our self appointed protector, crumb finder, playground overseer, and occasional snack stealer. he could be incredibly obnoxious, especially when he wouldn’t take our word for it that the person at the door (real or imagined) did not need to be barked at as if they were coming to slaughter us all…but hey, those things can be forgiven, because really, he was just watching our backs. that’s what dogs are supposed do for their people.

he was our buddy, our tig dog, and a good boy. he will be missed, and while we are still taken aback by this sudden non-tigness in our lives, we are grateful that it wasn’t a prolonged decline, that he suffered very little, and that we did all we could for him. because when it came down to it, we had his back too. that’s what people are supposed to do for their dogs.

and we are thankful, of course, for having him in our lives in the first place.

so rest in peace, buddy. may the weather always be cool, the snacks plentiful, and the ear scratching frequent.

thanks for being our dog.



  1. 😦 I’ll miss you too Tig-a-licious! So sorry to hear about this big lose.

  2. I meant to type loss….not lose….and I think I wrote that twice somewhere….leave it to me to mess up a somber moment….

  3. Aww- poor Tig!! So sorry to hear it.

  4. We loved you, too, Tig. We will miss your welcome at your house and your visits at ours when we were “dog-sitting.” We know you liked your rides in the van and Element and were glad we could do that for you.
    ps. Thanks for cleaning up after the kids at lunch.

  5. Kate, you explained dogs to a tee; this was such a beautifully written post. I’m so sorry you lost such a great friend.

  6. I’m so sorry, Kate! The Magowans will remember him fondly!

  7. sorry guys. i’ll miss making obnoxious faces at him through the door window when he would bark at me. i think he just wanted to let me know the meatbagz i was dropping off looked awesome.

  8. i am sorry for the sudden loss of your family member. hope you and the children are doing ok.

  9. Oh Kate! We’re so sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of all of you. You have beautiful photos and great memories of him!

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