Posted by: mrtweeds | August 2, 2010

glimmerglass…it was our home for the summer(s)

once upon a time, william and i spent our summers at a lovely place called glimmerglass. our very first summer at glimmerglass, the summer of 1998, we rocked the house on the stage ops crew as interns, helping put up what (we’ve all pretty much agreed) were some of the best operas of all time.


and we made some friends while we were at it, too.

so this weekend some of those friends, some of whom we haven’t actually seen in the flesh for 12 years, got together to revisit glimmerglass and watch the new production of our favorite show that we’d put up in ’98: tosca.

and it was (kind of) like we’d never left.

except now we weren’t in our blacks, crouched off stage as the music swells, waiting to do an act change. and we’re 12 years older with wives and husbands and houses and kids that we had to go back to, and the interns all looked like babies and only a few people on campus knew or cared that we were there.

but other than that, just like we’d never left.

we stayed at the straw bale house at pine lake for the weekend, enjoying catching up, laughing, and taking a few pictures.

yeah. we took more than a few pictures.

saturday we couldn’t pass up the chance to stop at woodbull antiques, which miss charlotte (sharlet?) had never been to, and i think it’s safe to say that we took a few more pictures before heading to the infamous cooperstown deli danny’s for some delicious sandwiches.

and then on to the opera.

there was a time when we roamed the campus like we owned the place…and, well, even though most of us were not sporting our ever-present hearing protection this time around, we still wandered around like we belonged there. because it still kind of felt like we did.

but this time we had a whole different view-point.

and after tosca tossed herself off the back wall, we checked out more of our old haunts:the prop loft, where charlotte and i spent a lot of time laughing and prepping a certain deer named howie, for example.

of course the stage op road box, home of many a curse and busted shin since the drawers were so heavy nobody ever bothered to close them all the way was a necessary stop as well. i won’t say who built it, but i will say that gaffney hears on a regular basis how they wished they could get rid of it but it’s too heavy to move.

and even though we are no longer interns, staff, or the cool kids on campus, our amazing, championship winning platform team is not forgotten, thanks to the still remaining trophy that we made ourselves that summer.

dusty, yes, but gaffney took care of that for us. he’s a handy guy, that gaffney.

granted, charlotte and i may look a tiny bit different than we did in 1998 (please note that i am, indeed, wearing my hearing protection around my neck),

but overall i think all those little interns wandering around wondering who we were were still pretty intimidated. or confused. or both. but the point is, we’ve improved with age (as have our fashion choices).

was that my point?

i’ll assume it was.

anyway, we headed back to the lake where the boys took care of cooking the meat over an open fire and we took care of watching them cook the meat over an open fire,

and, after the laughing, reminiscing, and a little more laughing, ended the weekend by vowing that it won’t be another 12 years before we come back.

so, i guess, glimmerglass, you’re forewarned.



  1. well put. here’s hoping partenope makes a comeback on the opera stage. by the way, i am stealing that picture of us to prove that indeed i do have friends that like me. 🙂

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