Posted by: mrtweeds | August 16, 2010

the real mccoy

it was not long ago (at all) that we unexpectedly lost our dog, tig. and in all honestly, no matter what my husband might tell you, i was not looking for another dog quite yet. in fact, if truth be told, i rather expected to appreciate the extra quiet, time, and lack of responsibility one less animal meant, even if i did miss tig with all my heart.

except, you see, i discovered that i not only missed tig, i missed having a dog.we all did.

even so, i figured i’d start really looking/suggesting/whining about another dog in the fall, and no sooner.

except, you see, my loving husband came across a dog on a shelter website who seemed pretty darn sweet.

and then he went to check him out.

and he turned out to be pretty darn perfect for our crazy family.

and then he came home to be a part of our crazy family.

so, even though it happened a bit sooner than any of us anticipated (yes, william, me included), we now have a new canine living under the roof at flat hill farm:


and he is a good boy.

he was brought up from south carolina from a high kill shelter, placed in another shelter near albany, and he’s an absolute sweetheart. his papers say he’s 6 months old, a lab and hound mix (which we’ve since pared down to likely part brittany spaniel), and pretty much the most mellow dog on the face of the planet.

he’s barked a total of once, he walks on the leash almost perfectly, he’s a ruthless moth killer (the only time he shows any sort of aggression at all, actually, and it’s hilarious to watch), totally intimidated by the cat, loves flopping into the wading pool (we can’t wait to see how he does at the lake), rides in the car by silently passing out on the floor and happily waking up when we get there, and basically enjoys sleeping next to us pretty much all day.

william and i even took him to the zucchini festival this past weekend, where he helped us man the meatbagz booth. despite the crazy number of people, dogs, and loud noises (including a drum circle for the last hour which was deafening), he handled it all like he was born to be there.

plus, he looked really good in the zucchini festival bandanna. that was a plus.

and you know, while we all still miss tig, think of him and speak of him often, i can’t help but think that mccoy came along to us for a reason. he’s not filling anyone’s footsteps, but he has already found himself a very real, very natural place in our lives, and for that i am grateful.

oh, and the kids seem to be pretty happy about that too.



  1. That is AWESOME! He’s the cutest and the kids clearly love him already. Hooray for adopting puppies!

  2. Yeah! What an adorable, and already well loved addition! Dogs and kids – the best! Have fun getting to know each other!

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