Posted by: mrtweeds | August 27, 2010

the big 6

well, baby girl, here we are. you’re 6 years old.

6 sounds so young, somehow, but you’re a big kid who’s growing up so fast we can hardly believe it. there is a BIG difference between 5 and 6, that’s for sure.

when you were 5 you went to kindergarten, with a whole lot of firsts to get under your belt. this year, you’re a seasoned (6 year old) school kid, ready to tackle first grade.

last year you told me you missed me when we were apart.

this year you’ve moved into the whole “maaaaaaamaaaaa, get out of my room! i need some privacy!” phase.

in fact, you’re pretty much a mini teenager already, right down to complaining about the fact that i wouldn’t let you go back to school shopping on your own. you would have preferred that i stay in the car, apparently.

maybe if you had a solid grasp of the difference between a $20 bill and a $1 bill i wouldn’t have won that argument so easily.

when i think of where we all were 6 years ago-6 short years ago-i can’t believe that you were once that tiny baby in my arms, glaring up at me.

and we couldn’t be more proud of the big kid you’ve become. you are a smart, funny, creative, independent goofball who loves so completely i don’t know how your heart has room. but somehow it always does.

so thank you for being such a wonderful baby girl and big sister, scout. happy birthday-we love you.



  1. Happy Birthday Scout.
    Everyday is like a birthday party when we get to see you and Finn.
    Abba and Papa

  2. Happy Birthday, Molly! We hope you have a wonderful day and an excellent year!
    Heather, Glenn and Juliana

  3. i hope everyone has a wonderful day celebrating!!


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