Posted by: mrtweeds | September 29, 2010

a princess, a cricket, and a princess: a play

there are theatrical works of such astounding greatness that they touch every audience member so deeply, so completely, that lives are forever changed.

“a princess, a cricket, and a princess” is one such play.

the story starts simply enough-a princess, a cricket, and a princess are at a dance party. frivolity ensues.

suddenly, the cricket notices a princess. a beautiful, beautiful princess (who is not his sister).

but wait-she’s a princess, and he’s a cricket! what’s a poor insect to do?

why, remove his cricket trappings and ask the princess to dance, of course!

during that magical dance, the cricket and the princess fall in love…

until the cricket realizes that now that he’s not a cricket anymore he can probably do a lot more than just wander around saying “cricket! cricket!” and dance with princesses.

but it’s too late-the princess is in love (and the other princess says this is how the plot needs to be).

besides, the princess likes dancing too much to ever let him go.

the end.



  1. They are seriously the cutest.

    Though I felt the second performance involving the dragon (who is invisible, so please don’t complain that you can’t see him) had a much more connected plot.

  2. i agree-although, you know, i didn’t get a SINGLE good photo of that dragon, so i decided to feature the princesses and the cricket instead. the world will never know what it missed.

  3. My life is forever changed by this play….thank you A Princess, a cricket, a princess….thank you! 🙂 super cute!

  4. If the Disney execs see this, they will be knocking at your door(s). Adorable!

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