Posted by: mrtweeds | October 5, 2010

scout’s guide to fire safety

scout has been learning all about fire safety at school, and yesterday for “homework” she drew up this handy poster outlining what to do should a fire break out. so please, gather your loved ones around, take notes, and the life you save may be your own:

Fire escape Plan

1. Call The fire drmpt.*

(*i was informed that that was a picture of me calling the fire department. when i said maybe we should get outside BEFORE calling for help, scout informed me that i was actually on a high ledge, where the fire can’t get me.)

2. Run outside.

3. Run To The Gint oak.

4. Move.

Bonses. Stop. drop and roll.

public service announcement provided by scout. you’re welcome.



  1. i’m leaving you in charge of calling from a high ledge from now on!

  2. Fire. No big deal. Just call the move-ing company and make sure they have a truck that can handle all of our belongings.

    Also, might be a long run to the Giant Oak.

    So many favorite parts to this drawing. I’d like to point out the change in facial expression between 2 and 3.

  3. This brings back soooo many memories of fire safety lessons in my first grade class, including the time someone asked how an escape ladder would work. I pointed out one of the little s-shaped clips for the alphabet cards above the board and said the ladder hooks looked kind of like that and would fasten over a windowsill. And the little boy said “That doesn’t look like it would hold me.”

  4. Haha that’s just amazing 🙂
    I really like your photos btw and will definitely be back to see more!
    cheers, jules

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