Posted by: mrtweeds | October 15, 2010

let me count the ways…

autumn is my favorite time of year even though i know it signals the inevitable approach of my least favorite season-the dreaded is winter, but even though fall is fleeting, i have to spend a minute or two focusing on why it is the time of year i look forward to most of all.

the trees, of course. how could you not love seeing the trees deck themselves out for one last amazing hurrah before winter strips them bare?

suddenly a few leaves are worthy of taking a minute to stop and stare. that’s pretty impressive.

then, of course, there’s the food.  for the first time in months i remember that i have recipes that i love that do not involve the grill.

weeding (or, rather, not weeding) the garden has been replaced by mums in pots and pumpkins sitting on the front steps.

of course, the days are getting shorter and the shadows longer. ready or not, soon we’ll have no choice but to slow down in the evenings and stay inside, cozy and warm.

sure, we have the craziness of the holidays fast approaching, halloween costumes to put finishing touches on, heating bills to dread, and the loss of garden fresh veggies, but still…

it’s hard to mourn the loss of summer when fall is offering us moments like these to ease us into winter.



  1. Gorgeous!

  2. there’s a tree outside our living room window. The leaves at the very top change color, and the trend trickles down the tree. and then the leaves start to fall from the top, and the trend trickles down the tree. It’s lovely.

  3. beautiful!

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