Posted by: mrtweeds | October 20, 2010

ride along dog

i’ve always wanted a ride along dog.

you know, one of those dogs who sits in the front seat of a beat up pick-up truck, calmly keeping his (or her) person company- no barking, no jumping around, no whining, just a pup sitting and enjoying the view.

granted, i’m a long ways from life with a beat up pick up truck (red, please), but i’ve always wanted a dog like that.

and now i’ve got one.

(and i think it’s safe to say that i’m not the only one enjoying it.)



  1. i used to drive my dad’s red 1987 Nissan pickup. extended cab, bucket seats, low clearance. the tape deck didn’t work, a coat hanger replaced the antenna. Also, an ex-girlfriend of mine loaded dumbells next to a gallon jar full or pennies in the bed. The jar broke, and from that day one, pennies leaked from the truck through the rusted out areas above the tires…

  2. i know another girl who has a red, beat-up pickup truck!

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