Posted by: mrtweeds | November 8, 2010

one of the most joyous times of the year….

i’ve finally cried uncle when it comes to the yearly tradition of painting our holiday cards. last year while i sat hunched over the watercolor paper, cursing and muttering under my breath, i realized that that was not exactly the idea behind sending people season’s greetings.

so this year, to make it easier on myself, i decided to just do a photo card.

after all, i enjoy taking photos.

and i enjoy taking photos of my kids.

except, apparently, i don’t enjoy taking photos of my kids for holiday cards, because instead of a large collection of photos highlighting my gorgeous children to choose from, i end up with this:

okay, not too bad. close, actually. now just look at the camera, please.

no. at the camera. and stop playing with your foot.

okay, quit it.

i said QUIT IT!

all right, fine. individual shots, then.








  1. Seriously. That last picture is SO CUTE.

  2. Please send me a “Happy Freakin’ Holidays” card!!! and the last pic IS cute! 🙂

  3. Love them all!

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