Posted by: mrtweeds | January 4, 2011

four legged family

aside from seeing all our human family over christmas, mccoy got to see his canine cousins as well-and it was awesome.

this is nora. she enjoys sleeping, eating, and looking dolefully at my brother.

this is sully. he enjoys running where he shouldn’t, jumping on furniture, and following rachel everywhere.

this guy you know. he enjoys his soccer ball, burying his face in the snow, and realizing that he doesn’t always have to be reduced to playing with cats.

the canine cousins get along very well.

and it was also a good opportunity to practice my action photography.

but between all the running around, there were also sweet moments like these, were dogs silently discussed what we can only assume are the secrets of life and how to train their people to be better human beings.

and those discussions ended like this.

and even though the doggy pals have once again returned to their respective homes, we (all) look forward to the next visit.

after all, where else are three dogs going to find such an adoring public (and a big fenced in yard to play in)?


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