Posted by: mrtweeds | January 18, 2011

bug is a giddy thing.

this is the band mumford and sons. in a photograph very obviously not taken by me.

this is a photo of bug. which quite obviously was taken by me. in fact, that’s my knee in the lower right hand corner.

mumford and sons sing a song entitled “sigh no more“, whose lyrics are drawn from shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing…and which has been a favorite on the playlist lately.

i did not, however, realize just how much i had been playing it until yesterday when we were all on a family outing and william and i heard bug start saying, repeatedly, from the backseat: “mom is a guinea pig. oh, mom is a guinea pig. MOM IS A GUINEA PIG.”

i have to give the credit to william, who made the connection: the bridge in “sigh no more” goes “man is a giddy thing. oh, man is a giddy thing….”

with apologies to both mumford and sons as well as mr. shakespeare, i think i prefer bug’s version.



  1. I thought it was “mom is a manatee, oh mom is a manatee” ?

  2. NO, tara!

    wait, is there a connection between my son calling me a pig and others calling me a cow…?


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