Posted by: mrtweeds | January 25, 2011

pathetic, thy name is my children.

if you have read this blog for any amount of time, i’m sure you’ve realized by this point just how sadly deprived and neglected my children are. i mean, honestly, i’m surprised they’re still able to hold themselves upright under their own power.

but our sadly lacking parenting skills have never been more apparent than when scout came home the other day from school with her latest…um…project.

her very own “nintento” (also known as “nintendo”) ds.

yes, it is made out of paper. yes, it is, as it turns out, completely unable to play all the cool games that ALL of her friends play (as they all, every last one of them, own a real one, of course).

but that does not stop the girl from trying. oh, no, it doesn’t. instead, she just wanders around the house “playing” her nintento/nintendo ds pretty much constantly, informing us regularly that she should be allowed to have a real one.

as you can see, the girl has a penchant for details…she even drew in buttons. she’s in the middle of playing some sort of spelling game here, where the ds is informing her to “make more” because “zon” isn’t a word. she needs to add an “e”, or so she tells me.

which would be much easier with a real ds.

which she is also happy to tell me.

and, of course, somebody’s little brother has also insisted on jumping on the ds bandwagon.

she was kind enough to help make him a blue one.


so, to sum up: i have two children wandering the world with their paper ds’s… lost, confused, and veritable social outcasts, all because their parents won’t cough up the $150 each to buy real ones already.

oh, and for the record-“saving money” they earn from “chores” is “no fun” and will “take too long”.


family services, i guess you know where to find me.



  1. i don’t even have words to comment on this. that picture of molly gazing down at her nintento says it all. you and bill obviously don’t provide well enough for these kids.

  2. you know i’m kidding, right?

  3. oh, charlotte, just wait….i’ll have molly make one for jack and then you’ll see! be sure to tell him that all the COOL kids have one!

  4. Oh, the DS… or as we keep getting reminded, the DSiXL…. the bane of my existence. Santa saw many, many letters from our house about that annoying little machine. Devin’s birthday is a month away, so now we are getting bugged about it. Yeesh.

  5. so…you’ve been saving up, right, sara? RIGHT, SARA?!?!?!?

  6. oh. my. god. talk to my husband about that one. I think I am about to be outnumbered.

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