Posted by: mrtweeds | February 15, 2011

goodbye, boo radley.

our cat boo radley had to be put down last week. (he’s the black and white one, in case you don’t know. he was very camera shy and only willing to be photographed when gatsby was there to protect him from the flash.)

he was a scaredy cat, a damaged cat, and a solid sixty two percent feral, but he was also sweet, tough, and had been part of our family for over ten years. life was a bit of a struggle for him, having been rescued from a house with about ninety other cats and never properly socialized, and while we miss him and are still expecting to see him curled up on our bed when we go to sleep at night, we also know that with his last sigh of a breath he finally found some peace and relief from the constant anxiety and fear that plagued him.

so so long, boo radley. you were a good boy and we’re glad you allowed yourself to be a part of our family for so long. we have no doubt that you’re curled up in the sun somewhere in the great beyond, happy and finally at rest.



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