Posted by: mrtweeds | March 4, 2011

rosebud? is that you?

last sunday the sunday school kids all had a sledding party, and thankfully the weather was perfect. in fact, it was pretty much the perfect way to end our vacation week-lots of sun, lots of fun, and lots of physical activity.

did i mention we had lots of fun? i’m not sure if you can truly grasp the fun. scout’s face is not particularly expressive in this pic.

bug enjoyed playing “king of the hill” on some of the giant snow piles.

he also enjoyed running straight up the sledding run while people were coming down and his mama was too busy taking pictures to take care of her kid.

luckily the sledder kindly bailed before running my son over. because i was at the bottom of the hill snapping away and didn’t even notice.

then bug went back to his attempts to throwing giant hunks of snow at the sledders as they sped past him. thankfully the sleds were fast and his reaction time was slow, so no sledders were hit.

there was hot cocoa, pizza, and snacks to keep everyone’s strength up, of course,

which everyone seemed to enjoy.

and in the end i think it’s safe to say-a good time was had by all.



  1. I LOVE these pictures!

  2. two things:
    1. the pictures you took are AMAZING!!!
    2. when i saw the title of this post (before seeing the pictures), i was slightly afraid of where you might be going with it.

  3. best. picture. ever.

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