Posted by: mrtweeds | March 9, 2011

can you hear me now? no? THEN TURN IT DOWN.

just kidding with the title there-while you read the following post, please rest assured that we are being extremely strict when it comes to volume levels. and while you wonder what the heck i’m talking about, i’ll explain.


we gave the kids some old ones that had been floating around our junk drawer.

a six and a three year old too young for ipods, you say? yeah, you’re probably right, especially for the three year old, but hey-what one has so must the other, and this was our attempt to quiet the non-stop nintendo ds begging.

the good news is, for the most part, they are great with them-they wander around listening to the 28 songs we have loaded on to the ipods (or, in bug’s case, just one- “barking at the moon” by jenny lewis from the bolt soundtrack)-and dance and sing along, quite unaware of how amusing that is to the rest of the world.

and yes, we have the volume control all locked up (at a pitifully-low-but-feels-safe-to-parents-level) to avoid early deafness.

at least until they figure out how to maneuver the sound settings, anyway.




  1. ha! now i don’t feel like a total butt for allowing my sister to give jack her old iphone. yes, he has an iphone and i don’t.

  2. I like how you say, “old ipods just floating around in a junk drawer”….you got any other electronics in that drawer? an ipad maybe? I’ll take it off your hands if you want…..

  3. I agree Tara. Must be nice to be so rich you just have a bunch of random IPODS you’ve junked. The volume on my tv is being weird, maybe that extra flat screen you have set up for the dog you could give me.

  4. charlotte-GOOD-i’m glad we’re not the only suckers out there!

    and as for the OTHER two of you, well, tara, no, we don’t have any ipads floating around-we donated those to the poor. they are like, SO last season.

    mack-um, you know how mccoy likes to watch the three stooges when he falls asleep. i’m sorry, but PRIORITIES. i can’t let my dog suffer just so you can HEAR your TV.

  5. I’m a MAC: Apple just gives those things away… The red one was $0. The black one was unnecessary after a phone upgrade. They’re so 2007 anyway…

    I’m a PC: Wait, what is this thing you call I POD? I am outraged by your surplus of old electronic equipment…

  6. apple gives them away because they are JUNK and they know it.

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