Posted by: mrtweeds | March 8, 2011

one last vacation post

how could i forget our trip to the new york state museum? and yet somehow i did.

but guess what? we took the kids to the new york state museum over vacation.

and it was fun (despite the fact that we had to pay admission because-of course-this was the fund raising weekend of the flower show).

but shelling out twelve bucks aside (oh, the humanity!), it was a great trip, and we’ll definitely be back …just not on a flower show weekend.

Posted by: mrtweeds | March 7, 2011

dinner at dish

this weekend we had a very special, very delicious, celebratory dinner at a local bistro, dish. it was faaaabulous, so any local (or near local) peeps-you definitely need to check this place out.

but, more importantly, we were there to celebrate my brother and future sister-in-law’s engagement! and it’s definitely worth celebrating. (forgive the crappy iphone photos, but i was too busy having a wonderful time to drag my camera into the mix. priorities, people.)

the kids were pretty excited to go out to eat with some of their favorite people, in a fancy, grown up restaurant, and the grown ups were pretty excited to go out to eat with some of their favorite people in a fancy, grown up restaurant too.

the food was amazing, the company was wonderful, and, of course, the whole reason for being there was pretty awesome too.

yup. thumbs up all around. so thanks, mom and dad, for hosting, and thanks dan and rachel for giving us the (wonderful) excuse!




Posted by: mrtweeds | March 4, 2011

rosebud? is that you?

last sunday the sunday school kids all had a sledding party, and thankfully the weather was perfect. in fact, it was pretty much the perfect way to end our vacation week-lots of sun, lots of fun, and lots of physical activity.

did i mention we had lots of fun? i’m not sure if you can truly grasp the fun. scout’s face is not particularly expressive in this pic.

bug enjoyed playing “king of the hill” on some of the giant snow piles.

he also enjoyed running straight up the sledding run while people were coming down and his mama was too busy taking pictures to take care of her kid.

luckily the sledder kindly bailed before running my son over. because i was at the bottom of the hill snapping away and didn’t even notice.

then bug went back to his attempts to throwing giant hunks of snow at the sledders as they sped past him. thankfully the sleds were fast and his reaction time was slow, so no sledders were hit.

there was hot cocoa, pizza, and snacks to keep everyone’s strength up, of course,

which everyone seemed to enjoy.

and in the end i think it’s safe to say-a good time was had by all.

Posted by: mrtweeds | March 3, 2011

things i love thursday

i love a dinner of hors d’oeuvres when the kids are in bed.

Posted by: mrtweeds | March 2, 2011

and the obligatory play date post

despite our insistence that we’d take a virtual “vacation” from meatbagz while the kids were home, mack and i actually ended up working far more than we would have normally. go figure. but luckily for us, the kids didn’t seem to mind spending a few hours together while the moms worked. (you can check that excitement out at the official meatbagz blog, if you care to.)

after all, there were plenty of books to be read (and please note the wall artwork by hannah),

birds to be watched,

and books to be read.

did i already say that one? well, too bad-it was better than the “let’s run around and see who can scream the loudest” game that preceded it. trust me.

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