Posted by: mrtweeds | March 11, 2011

scout the scientist

as an official first grader, scout has homework every night. it comes home in the form of a weekly calendar of different daily activities, and we get to pick at least three things each week that she has to do…but scout being scout, insists on doing one each day. sometimes it’s as simple as reading (or listening to) a story, and sometimes it’s a bit more exciting.

like when it calls for an EXPERIMENT.

an experiment like putting FOOD COLORING in a glass of WATER.

and it’s times like these that i’m reminded of how fun it was to be excited by something as simple as that, because boy, let me tell you-scout thought it was pretty awesome.

of course, she took the entire experiment very seriously, as any scientist should.

but then again, she found a way to make it fun too. all work and no play and all that, right?




  1. I love that she’s so excited about homework and school in general!

  2. Oh Kate, I wish I could hug your children daily. I love seeing these pics!

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